Does Changing IT Provider Make You Nervous?

Changing IT provider

We did a bit of research recently and what we found was pretty unusual. Or so we thought. As it turns out, it’s actually quite common. Businesses are nervous, even scared, about changing their IT provider.

Why? As IT providers have all the passwords to run the engine of a business – the IT system – the worry is that they could ‘shut it down’, or at least make life very uncomfortable for clients that dared to take their business elsewhere.

This is pretty odd on two levels. Firstly, why would you pay someone you don’t really trust to be ethical? And, secondly, changing IT providers is like changing any supplier – it’s just part of business.

Maybe people are nervous because IT services and cyber security are seen as a bit of a dark art – one that others don’t understand and, therefore, they fear making changes within it. But this isn’t the case – it’s a skill like any other that can be learnt. 

Let’s offer you some reassurance… 

Changing IT provider is like changing energy supplier

Changing IT provider is something that should not be feared. It’s just like changing energy provider. Imagine if we were scared of that. We’d never get a better deal or better service – we’d just stick with a company even if their service or product wasn’t actually making our world better. But energy providers have the power to cause inconvenience too… they could cut your electricity or gas off. But they don’t – because it’s not the ethical, or even legal, thing to do. And the vast majority of IT service providers aren’t out there to sabotage businesses that decide another provider is better suited to them. Chances are, if they are no longer right for you, you may no longer be right for them as a customer either. Sometimes a split is the best path for both parties. 

So is changing IT provider really that simple? 

Yes. Or at least it should be. Here at Somerbys IT, we fully understand that, occasionally, a company wants to take another direction and change provider. The last thing we want to do is make it difficult for them. In fact, we actively contact their new provider ourselves to give them all the details they need. 

So what happens if you decide that changing IT providers is a good move and that Somerbys IT is for you? Well, our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way and the onboarding process look like this:

Site visit – we come out to see you to introduce ourselves and carry out a full audit so we can recommend the correct products and services for your needs.

Quote – we provide you with a quote for the package we recommend.

Contact your current provider – we’re happy to have the conversation for you and obtain all the details safely and securely. 

Are there any fees involved in changing IT provider? 

Yes. There are fees involved in both onboarding and offboarding clients. Why? Because, in order to do it properly, safely and securely, there is work to be done. And we won’t compromise on the quality of that work. Your IT system is the heart of your company, so when any changes are made, they need to be done in a careful and diligent manner to ensure mistakes don’t creep in. But it’s an investment worth making, as, without a fully functioning IT system, your business will grind to a halt, and nobody wants that. 

So, hopefully we’ve offered you enough reassurance that changing IT provider really shouldn’t be something to worry about. Improving the service you pay for – particularly when it is the lynchpin of your operation – is just a logical part of business.

If you’d like to talk it through, we’d love to have a chat with you – a non-sales, no-obligation chat – to answer any questions you may have. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you straight away.

Top Tips to Stay Cyber Safe

Top Tips to Stay Cyber Safe

It’s getting increasingly hard to stay cyber safe with so many scams out there at the moment. Some target the general public some just target businesses. We are seeing more targeted attacks on certain industry sectors. We’ve seen sports organisations suffer and now there’s a new focus accountants. We’ve even seen IT service providers targeted as a means to gain access to their customers’ systems. The fears and vulnerabilities that surround Covid-19 are being hugely exploited. 


So, how can you stay cyber safe? 

Here are some quick and easy cyber security top tips for you to implement now:


⭐ Use strong passwords on your accounts (but don’t use the same password everywhere).

⭐ Where possible, implement 2-factor/multifactor authentication (2FA/MFA).

⭐ Ensure you back up any data and systems critical to your business at least daily. 

⭐ Take a multi-layered approach to cyber security and implement suitable solutions for your needs. Antivirus software and a firewall are no longer enough to stay cyber safe.

⭐ Make use of email filtering solutions to help filter out spam, phishing emails and malware. 

⭐ Ensure your cloud environments are protected too. Did you know that Microsoft does not back up your data? That’s your responsibility.

⭐ Consider cyber awareness training for your staff. Services from KnowBe4, Twist & Shout Communications and Twist & Shout Media offer great training solutions.


All of the above may seem overwhelming and you may find yourself saying ‘Where do I start?’. But the fact is, you have to start somewhere – for the sake of your own business, but also to protect your clients.

Here at Somerbys IT, we want to help as many people as possible to stay cyber safe, so get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help.

Let us help you stay cyber safe! 

5 Cyber Security Myths Debunked!

Cyber Security Myths Debunked

Cyber security is something that all too often stays on a to-do list. It’s one of those things that people know they should take care of, but don’t. Why? No one can be under the illusion that the hackers aren’t out there anymore, so what stops people from actually trying to protect their business from the almost inevitable? Often it’s because they don’t have time. But it’s also because there are so many cyber security myths around that people don’t comprehend the actual risks involved. 

Today, we’re here to debunk some of those cyber security myths…


1 – My business is too small for a cyber attack

Wrong. This is one of the most common cyber security myths. It’s often not you that a hacker is after – it’s your clients. So even the smallest of businesses should take cyber security seriously. Imagine if you suffered a breach and the hacker got hold of one of your client’s details, and they too suffered the repercussions. While you may be willing to put yourself at risk, should you really be putting your clients at risk? 

Another question you should be asking yourself is, if you’re a small business, do you have the funds to survive a cyber attack? The chances are that you don’t.


2 – Macs don’t get viruses

They do. It’s a common belief that one of the perks of Macs is that they don’t get viruses. While they used to offer better, but not total, protection from malware and ransomware, this is no longer the case. Hackers have got smarter and Macs are no longer ‘a safe place’. According to Malwarebytes, over 2018 and 2019, cyber threats on Macs went up by a staggering 400%. And the average number of threats per machine stood at 11 for Macs, compared to 5.8 for Windows devices. Always look to the stats to debunk cyber security myths!


3 – My email is backed up automatically 

Nope. While people see the need to back up their computers regularly, many don’t realise that the same should be done for emails. Using cloud-based providers like Gmail and Microsoft means your data is stored in their servers, rather than your own. What you’re getting is the applications and any software or hardware updates – NOT protection for data produced by your company. And that includes emails. So what happens if a staff member accidentally deletes an important email? Or what if a hacker accesses your emails and locks your account? You won’t have access to any of your previous emails. As we mentioned in our recent blog, 90% of hacks start via email. 

Yet, most businesses still don’t have proper procedures to protect their emails. Simple multi-factor authentication can offer immediate protection, and there are also many other solutions that can offer an extra layer. Datto SaaS Protection is one of the products we offer here at Somerbys IT – watch this short video to see how it works: Introducing Datto SaaS Protection.


4 – My insurance will cover it

Will it? It may be worth checking that your insurance does cover cyber security breaches, because they often don’t. Even when you have paid more for this type of protection, there will usually be small print that specifies that you have to have a certain level of cyber security protection in place, or else the insurance company won’t be liable to pay. Just like they wouldn’t pay out after a burglary at your home if you’d left the back door unlocked. 


5 – Cyber security is too expensive

It really isn’t. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when they receive a quote from us. People think investing in cyber security will set them back hundreds a month; in fact, prices start from as little as a couple of cappuccinos at Starbucks. And, as we always say, you may think cyber security is something you can’t afford to invest in, but it’s actually something that you can’t afford not to. 


If we have debunked any cyber security myths that you believed in today, you may want to consider getting better protection for your business… which in turn will protect your clients. Instead of thinking of it as an extra expense, think of it as another layer of business insurance that will protect you in a worst-case scenario.


Our team at Somerbys IT is always happy to chat through the different options we offer, so feel free to get in touch today.