Lockdown 2.0: Are You Considering Permanently Working From Home?

Permanently working from home

So, where are we up to? Halfway through Lockdown 2.0 and eight months on since the first lockdown. And although great progress is being made with vaccines, we honestly don’t know when the world will be ‘normal’ enough for us to return to offices. And, indeed, whether there’s a need to return to them. At the very least, many businesses are acknowledging that how they work is unlikely to be the same again, but many are considering making the move to have their staff permanently working from home. 

But even if you are planning to return to the office again, what’s for sure is that working from home is no longer temporary. Back in March, businesses had to adapt quickly to facilitate remote working. This often involved having to do what was needed rather than what was ideal, just to keep operating. That lasted a few months. Then we were allowed back into offices, which lasted for a few weeks, and now we’re at home again – and we don’t know how long for. The truth is, businesses can no longer operate with the ‘quick fixes’ – the time has come that we have to ensure our systems are fit for our new reality of work. Temporary IT fixes put you, your company and clients at risk. So, what we’d like you to do is stop – and think…

Are you as productive and cyber safe when working from home?

You need to ensure you have the best IT setup for your present situation – not your past, or even your future – because ‘now’ could last a lot longer than we originally thought. 

We’re certainly not here to bring doom and gloom. Things have changed, and not necessarily for the worse. Many businesses have realised that their staff permanently working from home is a viable and better option for them – and that includes major organisations such as Twitter. But even if you plan to return to the office, the reality is that we don’t know when that will be possible and temporary fixes need to become permanent ones to keep you as productive and cyber safe as you were before you were working from home. 

Your warm blanket while working from home

Here at Somerbys IT, we like that we’re seen as a warm blanket that keeps people and their businesses safe – peace of mind and reassurance are more important now than ever. We want to continue to provide that while so many of you are working from home. 

We genuinely want to just make sure that everyone is prepared and set up correctly for remote working. For that reason, we are offering a FREE 20-minute call to businesses that just want to make sure that what they are doing is right – that it’s keeping their business operating at an optimal level with maximum protection from rising levels of cyber crime

During this call, we will:

✅ Carry out a quick review of your existing setup

✅ Listen to any concerns you may have

✅ Share our experience of what other companies are doing 

✅ Give you some instant top tips about what you should be doing

If the call goes no further than that, it’s not a problem. We really just want to offer advice to businesses that need a little extra help during these times of change. 

So, drop us an email at info@somerbysit.co.uk or call us on 0333 456 4431 to arrange your FREE 20-minute call.