“Help! I’m An IT Consultant!”: Why I Got Into IT

OK, I admit it. I’m an IT consultant and that makes me about as popular as a fart in a lift.
Yes, you can put me with the Estate Agents and Accountants at a conference or networking event, and yes, I understand if you think I wear Star Wars underpants. I get it.

There was a time when I wished I wasn’t into IT and there was a time that I wanted to be anything but a geek. But the fact is, I’m good at being a geek and many of our clients have very successful and hassle-free businesses because of my skills (Jedi or otherwise). Once upon a time I didn’t want to be an IT consultant. In fact, I didn’t know what one was. I was however, really into IT -and in a big way!

It all began when I was a boy…

When I was a kid there was no social media, no Sky+ and Apple iPhones were something only Marvel could have dreamed up. When I was a boy the thing that got me excited were video games. I loved playing on Sega, Nintendo and my Gameboy, and I would spend hours upon hours beating the system and winning over the computer. I also liked artwork and animation and the video games gave me exactly what I wanted. They were happy days. It pleased me. Man against machine (in the form of tiny little men and warriors and sometimes bright coloured squares). I was solving problems, winning battles and learning all about User Experience, tech and strategy (not that I saw it that way). Yes, to me this was childhood.

Until one day. One day I realised that I was a geek! Back then it wasn’t ‘trendy’ to be a geek. One day I looked at my adolescent face in the mirror and said “Allan – you’re a geek and you’ll never get the girl in year 11 like this”. So, I changed focus and started doing what all teenage boys did. (No, not that). I decided to go out and play. I got my BMX dirty and I dug holes, I smashed up stinging nettles and played up trees. I repelled the very thing that made me happy to fit in and ‘do what I was supposed to do’.

I liked mechanical stuff and I loved working out how things worked so I started to form a bond with engineering. It did many of the things that video gaming did but it had a career and it was almost cool. I wanted to be a designer and I loved F1 and engineering seemed like a good route to that. All was well in my decision until the engineering industry took a hit when I was approaching University age. I was told not to head down the route of engineer as there simply wouldn’t be the jobs there to fill when I finished my three years of lectures and drinking (otherwise known as University).

I had to look elsewhere. I looked around, and all around me were people using PCs. The computer age was well and truly in full flow and for me this was now a good option. I’d always loved my video games and I loved tech. I had to succumb to being a geek once more. I went back to my roots; my passion. I took a course in IT. Guess what? I loved it! It was (and still is) my ‘thing’ and I was truly happy working with simple programmes and working on computers on my IT course. Eventually I found a placement in Cambridge for a year’s I.T. support and I took it. I flourished and finally became the geek that I’d tried to avoid becoming.

Fast-forward to the here and now and I’m still a geek, but now I’m a geek with a mission. I make IT simple for people like you. I add on a service that no one really wants to talk about until they need it. I add to a small business what a large business takes for granted, and with Somerbys IT we give the full problem solving and backup support that you’d expect in a large corporation. I’m playing with bigger games now and I’m still learning (as we all do) the new and exciting (to me) industry of Information Technology.

Oh… and I got married too. Not to that girl in year 11 but to someone who appreciates that geeks are loveable too!

You can take advantage of my life decision, you know. We have countless clients that consider us their go-to people for IT and we give them that big company back-up support for the small company payment plan.

Let me ask you something if I may…
•    What would you do if your data went missing?
•    Who would you rely on to fix that virus you added to your entire system by opening that very real-looking attachment from a very real-looking bank?
•    Who would you call? Who would be your go-to guy? Who would answer the phone and tell you it’s all going to be OK?
•    Do you have someone you can call on?

Somerbys IT are the angel in the cloud, the imaginary IT department in your office. Somerbys IT could be your emergency call (just without the whole ‘Bat phone’ element).

It all starts with a conversation. Call us and we’ll show you why you can’t afford not to have us.
Somerbys IT. We’ve got IT covered – have you?


Thanks to Jo & Todd at Spaghetti Agency for their brilliance in writing this! Good work partners!