Client Satisfaction Exceeds 96%, Checkout the Amazing Feedback!




Back in October last year we introduced a new client feedback system, specifically designed to make it quick and easy for our clients to let us know what they really thought about the service being received. We’ve actually been doing client surveys for years as part of our support ticket process, however we only tended to analyse the results every few months and when we did, we found that we were only getting about a 10% response rate. We’ve always been committed to delivering excellent levels of customer service and support and the new client satisfaction feedback system promised to do just that. Ever since introducing the new CSAT solution from SmileBack which uses a simple system of green, yellow or red coloured faces to indicate the level of satisfaction, we have seen survey responses increase to a massive 42% response rate; this gives us a far greater understanding of how well we are performing. What’s great too is that the system is very interactive and we now have a “live feed” on a large screen monitor in our offices, whereby the team and individual staff members can see instant feedback on their client satisfaction performance. This is just one of the steps we’ve taken to ensure we not only continue to deliver excellent service but also to strive to be better still. See some of our amazing client satisfaction comments below:

“We use Somerbys IT as our support partners. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Responsive and excellent value for money”

“Thank you Duncan and co for getting us back up to speed so quickly and efficiently”

“Re arranged the time to suit us (the client) and completed the work quickly and efficiently, keeping all people informed of the progress”

“As usual reaction 100% and issue solved, thank you Kevin”

“I need something sorting quickly and it was sorted quickly. My colleague was able to get on with what she needed to. Brilliant!”

“Again the error was dealt with, without delay. Thanks Ben”

“Efficient response. Billy handled my call straight away and resolved the issue immediately, allowing me to continue with my work.”

“Lewis acted promptly and very efficiently helping me get on with my work. Great stuff. Keep up the great work : )”

“Amazing help every step of the way. Billy was super friendly. We got both email accounts on my phone in no time. 2 thumbs up”


The Tiny Desktop From Dell


After dragging five and a half years out of my desktop (yes it can be done) my Windows 7 desktop was not only slow but it was causing me productivity issues. It was time for something new!

It’s a decision you can’t take lightly, upgrading your PC, so it caused me many sleepless lunchtimes working out where I’d go next.

We’ve been working with Windows 10 at Somerbys IT since its launch and many of our clients seem to like it. The team here are very complimentary of it too. That was enough evidence for me to make the move from Windows 7 to 10 and the first part of the hard decision was made.

It was time to get a new PC and run with it.

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Four Top Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Disasters


Four Top Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Disasters

The rise of the internet and the constant improvements in technology have enabled everybody from business people to students to have 24/7 access to information, applications and software that can make work and play as simple and exciting as they’d like it to be.

Unfortunately, with these advancements there are the added risk of hacking from clever and ruthless people who want access to your private information and data for their own gain. It may sound a little terrifying – and not unlike a Hollywood conspiracy thriller – but there are ways that you can protect yourself from these unsavoury types.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at four top tips to keep you safe from online disasters:
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Computers don’t like pickled onions!

If you were planning on feeding pickled onions to your laptop then stop it right now. It’s not a great idea.

How do we know? Well we had first hand experience of this recently when a client brought their machine in in a panic (and a stink). The accident happened just a few days before some serious work needed to be submitted, and lacing it with pickle wasn’t part of the plan.

We quickly took the important data off the machine and stored it in a cloud once we managed to boot it up.

We fixed the machine and we were once again left to lecture someone about the importance of taking a backup of your data.

Stored amongst the important proposals were family pictures and music. Losing your work is one thing but Aunty Margaret and Van Halen? That’s a risk too far, surely?

Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive can save you from a real pickle so please install them or give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

“Help! I’m An IT Consultant!”: Why I Got Into IT

OK, I admit it. I’m an IT consultant and that makes me about as popular as a fart in a lift.
Yes, you can put me with the Estate Agents and Accountants at a conference or networking event, and yes, I understand if you think I wear Star Wars underpants. I get it.

There was a time when I wished I wasn’t into IT and there was a time that I wanted to be anything but a geek. But the fact is, I’m good at being a geek and many of our clients have very successful and hassle-free businesses because of my skills (Jedi or otherwise). Once upon a time I didn’t want to be an IT consultant. In fact, I didn’t know what one was. I was however, really into IT -and in a big way!

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