Cisco Umbrella – What an Extra Layer of Online Security Could Mean to Your Business

As a business owner or even just an internet user, you’re more than aware of the threat of cybercrime. It’s no longer just the obvious scams from our Nigerian friends or fake calls from people pretending to be your bank.

Now, online where we spend more and more time, you’re up against an army of cyber criminals, keen to lock you out of your website, take it down and charge you to get it back.

From phishing to malware and targeted attacks, you have to have eyes on everything and more. Is it any wonder we’re hearing about more and more attacks in the news?

Earlier this year, Yahoo had 3 billion accounts compromised while Equifax reported that they may well have had over 44 million people’s personal details stolen in a recent data attack.

It puts that dodgy PDF attachment into perspective, doesn’t it?

But small businesses are very much under fire, and away from the banks and Scotland Yard those cyber nasties are after your machine to hold you ransom or steal enough details to make some money from your identity.

We all know we need security for our internet and our devices, and for years we’ve been helping our customers with security packages.

But like the online viruses, we need to evolve and get more intelligent.

A brand-new threat to your security


What happens when a brand-new threat arrives? What happens when something never seen before hits the online scene? Most online security wouldn’t know about it, and you’re certainly less likely to stop it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that was not only right up to date and could check all the websites and files for you, but can also do it seamlessly in the background?

We recently came across Cisco Umbrella, and we’re excited to announce that we’re about to start bringing their incredibly vast system and intelligence to your business.

Cisco Umbrella covers different threats from multiple places. It approaches your cyber security with a layered approach using a cloud security platform built right into the very foundation of the internet. It’s an excellent addition to your current security package.

When used in conjunction with other systems it also means you’ll have two layers of protection. Using different providers means that we’re also not reliant on just one vendor’s technology stack, and as a result you’re likely to get much better overall threat protection.

Cisco Umbrella will instantly and effortlessly check any links for websites that you click on and head to the website to make sure it’s safe and not listed on their database of nasties! Then and only then, Cisco will allow you to carry on and view the site.

It does all this in the blink of an eye.

We’re no longer under threat from just one cyber-attack, we’re now on the lookout for malware, hackers and more. Cisco Umbrella looks for them all for us, and it’s constantly updated with new threats and intelligence.

How websites appear on your screen


Websites are all served from a server. That server has an IP address that’s turned into one of those nice, friendly URLs that we all know and love. DNS (Domain Named Servers) make all this possible.

But behind the scenes those IP addresses need checking and verifying to make sure that they’re safe and secure and not hiding anything malicious or sending us to the wrong place altogether.

The online world is so simple to connect to that we almost forget how technical it is behind the scenes and how attractive it is to online baddies.


Cisco Umbrella keeps your history…


Another great feature that we’re pretty excited about is the ability to store a log of all the websites that Cisco Umbrella views. This means you have a log of all the websites your team or employees use.

If you need to monitor the use of social media or block porn and gambling sites, or even worse, job sites – then Cisco can help you there!

You can even take the drastic step of blocking them if you feel the monitoring is simply too big to manage. It’s your call.

The whole system is completely cloud managed, and if you need to we can log in and check for you all the activity and threats Cisco has spotted and avoided. We can also find really useful data for you, like time spent on certain websites across a given period, for example. An added bonus or a timesaving tool depending on your business and what you need, and we can set it all up for you.

Every business needs a tight security system in place with a multi-layered approach. The days of single types of attacks are over. Now we’re all under attack from the emails and websites that we open constantly almost 24 hours a day.

We can help you put in a managed and powerful system for as little as £3 per licence.

Cybercriminals who target small- and medium-sized businesses with ransomware,
phishing, and other threats know the value of change. They work incessantly in an
attempt to outpace technology and stay one step ahead of the world’s networks.

That’s why we keep one step ahead of them by helping you stay on top of your business’s network security.


If you want to chat to one of the team about how Cisco Umbrella could protect your business from the cyber hackers and keep an eye on your team’s internet use, just contact us now and ask us.
At just £3 per licence per month, we consider this to be an excellent value solution for our clients.