Don’t get caught like the NHS…Tech News – May 2017



Hi, how are you? Things have been very interesting since we last spoke, with a huge cyber attack, shock election news and a rather busy month in the Somerbys IT office. How about you? Our team have been busy smashing targets on their training, too. Apprentice Lewis Pole passed a Microsoft Server Essentials exam and Ben Brotherhood (a former apprentice) passed his first of two Microsoft Office 365 exams. This only goes to add to our commitment to staff development and also understanding today’s relevant tech. Well done, both. We need your help (in exchange for chocolate!)

If you had an issue with your tech or IT (and you could still get online) what would you Google? How would you search online for help with your IT challenges? What would you type?

Could you possibly tell us by dropping us an email with your answer? We’d be very grateful to you. In fact… we’d send you chocolate from Hotel Chocolat! We’ll put everyone in a prize draw and a random winner will be sent treats. We guarantee you this is the only time you’ll share your internet habits in exchange for chocolate… maybe. Please send emails to

Here’s The Best Of The News To Keep You Up-to-date With IT

NHS Under Attack From ‘Digital’ Virus Over the weekend news broke about a huge cyber attack on the NHS. Their IT systems were comprised in a ‘Global Attack’ but they stressed no patient data was in danger. As always there are lessons to learn, but here’s what you need to know about the attack.

  • The main systems at risk are those running the long since unsupported operating system, Windows XP (a now unsupported operating system).
  • Windows 7,8 and 10 were recently given an update to prevent such an attack but it wouldn’t prevent ransomware being opened in an email, for example.
  • As we always say, please update your operating system as soon as possible and please don’t open links in emails that you’re unsure about.
  • To protect yourself further install antivirus software vendors we recommend called Webroot which we can install for you.
  • If you’re concerned or need help, call us straight away!
  • And don’t despair, because Somerbys IT use sophisticated remote management tools to help keep your systems updated for you.

Here’s the full story… NHS In Need Of An Upgrade

We shall be releasing a separate article related to Ransomware very soon!
Apple Invite Us To The Party Apple are rumoured to be launching some pretty big updates this year and the much anticipated WWDC keynote invites have landed! The conference is of course where Apple launch new ideas, products, and software. The tech world is now awash with rumours of what Apple will share. On June 5th Apple will hopefully give us news of new iOS and Mac OS but a potential answer to Amazon Echo, too. Is Siri fighting back? Find out on June 5th in California (or, if you’re like us, on the web!).  Hey Siri – Was That An Echo?

Just The Calculus 
Talking of all things Apple, let’s talk iPhone calculators. Years ago, you would’ve needed to carry a calculator around with you, but now you have one (and so much more) right in your pocket. Good times. But it’s not exactly a direct replacement, and one of the most annoying parts of the Apple calculator is the poor editing when you need to delete a digit… until now. This is the rather handy trick of backspacing on an iOS calculator. It’s the simple things! Some Things Just Don’t Add Up!

It’s A Big Brave World.Com
Years ago in school you’ll have been introduced to the world map. Remember that? All the continents laid flat in front of you on the iconic, mainly blue, map. It’s so familiar that when you see it altered you really do have to look twice to spot that it’s any different. So when we saw the world map laid out in domain names we nearly missed the point… but it’s a big geeky treat when you see it! From .uk to .ul and .de; behold the world as domain names! Could you have labelled them all?  What’s My Domain?

It’s Caching
“It’s time to clear your cache.” Have you ever been told that? We bet you have, and we also bet it helped. But what on earth does it mean? Your cache is a cookie trail, a reminder, a little trail that you leave online that actually makes your browsing much easier. Most internet users will leave a website when it fails to load in a few seconds, and we all like to visit our favourite sites quite often. So your cache makes sure that the information from the websites we visit is stored in our browsers so that we’re given what we want quickly and intelligently. Here’s more about cache and why it might not always be as great as it sounds… What’s The Cache?

Microsoft Launch
So, we got it wrong. Last month we predicted that MS would announce the arrival of the Surface Pro 5. But they didn’t. They did, however, announce the arrival of the Surface Laptop. Not the Surface Pro 5. The Surface Laptop. Yes… very confusing!

We feel this is aimed more at students as it features a stripped down Windows 10, called “Windows 10 S”. We’ll be interested to see how this new device does on the market though. A New Star Rises To The Surface…

SIT Hacks: We Test IT So You Don’t Have To
Each month we share some simple tips to make your life better. Well… your digital life anyway! Here’s what the SIT staff found this month…


Google Phishing One of our team discovered a phishing scam that one of our clients nearly fell victim to. Google was the victim of a phishing scam just last week with a sophisticated attack that asked for access via a third party app they built that asked for access to a Google account, and one of our clients was affected. Anyone who gave access to the hackers has effectively given access to their Google mail and associated accounts. What can you do? One simple way to check that you’re not affected is to head over to your Google account and check on the third party apps that have access to it, and revoke access to any app that you don’t recognise. Google Security Check up. Went Fishing, Got Caught In A Net!

Getting Social With IT 
Hey, did we mention that we’re getting into social media? We’re tweeting and posting tips and interesting things about our world, and we thought you might like to check us out. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ so if you’re on those platforms please do connect, follow, like, or circle Somerbys IT, won’t you?  And That’s IT!

To recap:

  • It’s Apple versus Amazon
  • Backspace on iOS is a life-changer
  • The world is a space
  • Clear your cache
  • And the Surface (non Pro 5) is out!

All the best, and stay safe out there. The Team at Somerbys IT.