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Hi, how are you?

Welcome to another edition of Tell Me About IT! It’s been great to have all your comments and replies to our email over the last few months.
We’re really pleased that we’re able to share the lighter side of IT life with you and give you some helpful tips and advice.
We’ve found some more great tips this month but before that, some news from the team…

Flipping Heck – IT’s Pancake Day Did you have a good Shrove Tuesday? We got involved in the Somerby’s IT office. Michelle from our admin team organised pancakes for us all to enjoy. But before you get any visions of us hurling pancake batter around in our highly technical office… they were microwavable ones, so no computers were harmed in the making of our pancakes.

Date For Your Microsoft Diary
We just found out that the new Microsoft Surface Book will be available for pre-order later this month. The new and long-awaited laptop from Microsoft will come with Windows 10, 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 and of course the Surface Pen.
Pre-Orders From February 18th

BT: It’s Good To talk… But Not To Surf
You’re probably reading this on the internet. The very thing that we all need to communicate. We’re very reliant on it but the recent outage for BT highlighted just how fragile the internet can be. We’re reliant on it working 24 hours a day, and it just goes to show that, whilst expensive, services such as “leased lines” should be a consideration for some businesses.

Sparky Joins The Team
We love a good pet, so we couldn’t resist sharing the news of Sparky the dog – Craig’s new pup. Lock away your tech, Craig. Puppies love to chew!
Click here for a cuteness overload.

Here’s The Best Of The News To Keep You Up-to-date With IT

Too Many Use Terrible Passw0rds
How many times do we have to read this? Well apparently the message isn’t getting through and there are still people with passwords like pasw0rd, 123456, and qwerty! Creating more cryptic passwords is easy and you really need to be careful. The dangers are hacking, internet crime and identity theft but still we’re seeing some really simple to crack passwords. Ask us for advice if you need it.
The Top 25 Easy to Guess Passwords (Don’t Use These)

Siri Can Beatbox
The Apple iPhone’s personal assistant is rather good now. With updates in iOS9 making it almost faster than simply typing your Google or Calendar query you might be using it more than before. But as always, it’s the easter eggs that Apple hide in Siri that make the news. Ask Siri to beat box… go on…
Hey Siri Can You Beat Box?

iPhone Users Warned About Prank Website
Ever wanted to play a prank on your friends who own an iPhone? Simply trying to unlock it multiple times gets the iPhone to disable itself for about 10 minutes. No harm done but a good trick to play down at your local. But this prank is a step too far in anyone’s book! A new website, designed to crash the iPhone by overloading it, is sweeping the world of iPhone users. People prank their friends to visit the website and then watch as the iPhone goes into meltdown. Don’t do this, but do please be aware of it!
i See This Being a Large Problem

Google Maps Will Guess Your Next Journey
Technology seems to guess our every move, doesn’t it? We’re constantly being second guessed by clever AI, and Google is often at the forefront of this. The new update to Google Maps is out to guess your next journey and it could be brilliant or slightly shameful! Google Maps new ‘Start Driving’ mode will work out where you are and give you options based on where you went last time you were there. Be careful though… this type of information is useful to you but may show how many trips to Dominos or the local store you make rather than help you get to work quicker!
Your Next Destination? Let Google Do That For You

Apple Fixes Safari Crash Bug
On January 27th Apple announced that it was fixing a bug that was causing many Apple Safari users to crash. The crash occurred on many OS X  and iOS devices that had updates, but some did report crashes from older version. It’s not clear what caused it but many experts predict it was something at Apple’s end of the line rather than the machines themselves.
Apple Get to the Core of the Crash

This Is How Websites Track Us On The Internet
Have you ever been on Amazon and then popped onto Facebook only to be met by a familiar image? Yes, the very thing you were shopping for has followed you onto Facebook! It wants you to buy it. It’s all down to those cookies that we happily click to accept on websites all over the net… and here’s how they work…


SIT Hacks: We Test IT So You Don’t Have To

Each month we share some simple tips to make your life better. Well… your digital life anyway! Here’s what the SIT staff found in January…

Online security is so important… we lowered the price
Keeping your data safe is of paramount importance in 2016. We’ve never seen such high levels of cyber crime in our world and you need to take control of what you’re doing online and how you’re storing and sharing your details. We offer Webroot, a managed anti-virus software and we believe in it so much that we’ve lowered the price. Stay safe for just £2 per machine per month. That’s the best hack for your business… it protects your business.
Get Covered NOW from Only £2!


Getting Social With IT 

Hey, did we mention that we’re getting into social media? We’re tweeting and posting tips and interesting things about our world, and we thought you might like to check us out. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ so if you’re on those platforms please do connect, follow, like, or circle Somerbys IT, won’t you?  And That’s IT!

To recap:

  • Change your password to something less ordinary – NOW!
  • Ask SirI to beatbox and let us know what you think
  • Google knows where you drive and Apple fixed that bug on Safari
  • And cookies are following you online!

All the best, and stay safe out there. If you can’t be safe, keep a back up!

The Team at Somerbys IT.

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