Monthly Roundup – Tell Me About IT – December 2015

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Tech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Hi, how are you?

We’re finally here… the end of 2015!
How has your year been? We’ve seen so much change in the tech and IT world.

At Somerbys IT we’ve had a marriage proposal (she said yes!) and we’re eagerly awaiting the birth of two babies too. The tech world gave us Windows 10, the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus, and of course the Apple Watch finally shipped but we weren’t as impressed with that as we were with the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

What was your favourite tech addition to 2015?

Out With The Old
We’ve been clearing out the workshop this month. We had some very old servers and they were taking up space. After cleaning them throughly, we were going to sell them on eBay. Guess how much computers depreciate these days? Well the £7,000 servers were going for just £70 (just 1% of the original cost) so we’re recycling them instead. It’s a sign of the times… the size and cost of tech now far smaller! At least recycling helps the earth and saves us from 132 questions from eBayers 🙂

Lewis Was Sent To Microsoft

Our new apprentice Lewis Pole (great name) has been to Microsoft HQ this month for some intensive training. Lewis is the new boy on the team and we’re giving him as much knowledge and training as possible. He’s fitting in well, so we’re pleased to have him on board.

IT’s Been Busy! 

December has probably been our busiest month ever. With over 650 user-generated tickets we’ve been busy fixing issues and sorting people’s problems. The Somerbys IT team have kept our clients safe and their businesses running – that’s what we’re all about!

Here’s The Best Of The News To Keep You Up-to-date With IT

10 Great Geek Hacks 

There’s no end to the ways you can put your old gadgets and things lying around the house or office to good use. Here’s some geeky gadgetry to help you repurpose everyday objects into useful items to make your life better! Geek Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics

How To Reduce Unnecessary Drivers In Windows 10 

Drivers are an essential part of your Windows experience and even your mouse will need one to make it work. But those additions are driving your memory down and restricting the speed of your machine. You need them, but over time you collect many and then don’t need them all. Check out how you’re doing with this brilliant advice from CIO.  You’re Driving Me Crazy With All This!

Microsoft Make It Rain In The UK

Cloud computing is now almost the norm. From Sage to Dropbox and CRMs to social media, the cloud is all around us. It’s the way to work, in real time, and with everything in sync… but Microsoft have trailed behind – until now. Finally Microsoft have announced the launch of their very own cloud software and it’s got more than $15 Billion invested in it. Microsoft Got Their Head In The Cloud

Simple Tips For Faster Home WiFi
Ah… the Holy Grail of the interweb. Good strong WiFi is almost a necessity in the modern world and now you can make yours better. Research has found many factors in your home that actually slow it down! Yes, that lamp, halogen bulb, or the height of your router could be your route to better signal! Worth a try? Here’s Your Router To Faster Browsing

Have You Backed-up… Your Brain?
Do you believe in the afterlife? Do you think you’ll live on when you’re gone? Well now thanks to Australian company Humai you may be able to download your very characteristics to ensure that you do. Yes, that’s right, there’s a startup who are working on creating a complete backup of a human and then downloading it to another or even a robot. Weird but true. Could this be the future? The Personal Computer… Taking It Too Far?

The Final Drive
Microsoft have announced that unlimited storage on MS One Drive is about to end. The amazing offer that seemed to be too good to be true (and could have been the death of Dropbox and other cloud storage) has come to an end. Now if you want more than 1TB of storage you’ll have to open your purse!  Microsoft Give Freeloaders Some Terabyte News

SIT Hacks: We Test IT So You Don’t Have To
Each month we share some simple tips to make your life better. Well… your digital life anyway! Here’s what the SIT staff found in September…

Beware Of Apple’s WiFi Assist
You may have heard about this new feature from Apple and their latest iOS9 update. The option is there to give you the best internet stream possible, but switching from your WiFi to your mobile data automatically when WiFi signal becomes poor. The issue is that it’s pre-set to ‘on’ and many, like our MD, Allan, have found that they have lost a lot of data when thier iPhone switched. Nice idea Apple… we’re not convinced it benefits us though. Wi-Fi Assist – It’s A Data-hugry Animal! 

Android’s WiFi Analyser
WiFi Analyser is a great app for Android. It lets you view WiFi spots near you and you can see which hotspot in your network you’re currently connected to.  You can also see the signal strength in detail, which helps you find black spots and adjust your wireless access point or antenna position for a better signal… and it’s FREE! Finding WiFi And Analysing It – There’s An App For That!

iPad Security: It’s Kid’s Play!

Most young children are very familiar with their parents’ tech, and the iPad is probably used more by your little ones than by you. But there’s a problem with that, and it’s not just the danger of what they might see when browsing. Yup, kids can end up changing your settings and messing up your email, or even turning your iPad blind or into German for the day. (Yes, it’s happened.) Thankfully though, there’s a really simple way to lock your iPad into one app so you can freely leave your child in control of your Apple tablet. (We suggest you get a tough, sticky mitts proof case!) Look After The Apple Of Your I

Getting Social With IT 
Hey, did we mention that we’re getting into social media? We’re tweeting and posting tips and interesting things about our world, and we thought you might like to check us out. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ so if you’re on those platforms please do connect, follow, like, or circle Somerbys IT, won’t you?  And That’s IT!

To recap:

  • To keep your cat off your keyboard, put a box on your desk.
  • If you value your purse then check your iPhone WiFi settings.
  • Move your router and ditch the Halogen lights for better WiFi.
  • And Microsoft have been playing with clouds… and it’ll cost you!

All the best, and stay safe out there. If you need any advice about your office IT or security then give one of the team a call.

Of course we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you’ve been good and Father Christmas brings you something cool with a plug on it, then do tweet us to show off. We’ll see you in 2016!

The Team at Somerbys IT.