9th March 2022

Cyber security

Does Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Increase Cyber Security Threats for the UK?

Cyber threat Ukraine

You may be seeing lots in the news about increased cyber threats due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In times like these, we like to turn to our trusted friends at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to gain a clear and balanced view, so that we can bring you the facts.

Is there an increased cyber security threat?

In the words of the NCSC, there are “no current threats to the UK identified, but guidance will allow organisations to build resilience and stay ahead of potential threats. [...] Recent cyber activity in and around Ukraine fits with patterns of Russian behaviour previously observed [...].”

So yes, there is a potential threat, but nothing concrete has happened yet, and there’s nothing to say it will. BUT, Russia is known to be heavily involved in cyber crime, and hackers are notorious for taking advantage of the most awful situations. Therefore, we are on high alert at Somerbys IT and, along with the NCSC, we are urging businesses to increase awareness and levels of cyber security.

How can I increase cyber security for my business?

At this stage, it’s a case of implementing as many measures as you can to protect your business from a cyber attack. Following these steps will mean your cyber security is bolstered:

  • Use strong passwords on your accounts – a unique password for each account.
  • Implement two-factor/multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) wherever you can.
  • Back up any critical data and systems at least once a day.
  • Take a multi-layered approach to cyber security and install suitable solutions for your needs – one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Use email filtering solutions to filter out spam, phishing emails and malware.
  • Protect cloud environments too. Did you know that Microsoft does not back up your data? That’s your responsibility.
  • Consider cyber awareness training for your staff. There are lots of easy-to-access training solutions out there with KnowBe4.

As the situation progresses, we will keep you up to date. And, of course, if any definite threat or attack comes to light, we will let you know exactly what you need to do. For now, implement the steps above and stay vigilant.

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have about cyber security, as well as to advise you on measures to put in place. Feel free to give us a call on 0333 456 4431 or to drop us an email at info@somerbysit.co.uk.