25th April 2024


End of Life for Windows 10

EOL Windoes

What You Need to Know...

In October 2025, Microsoft will cease providing free support and security updates for this operating system. While the notion of paying for updates may raise some concerns, it is essential to consider the broader perspective.

By 2025, Windows 10 will be a decade old, and it’s fair to assume that Microsoft will have introduced newer versions, potentially including Windows 12, given the availability of Windows 11 at present. Managing support for multiple outdated operating systems poses considerable challenges, even for a tech giant like Microsoft.

Although 2025 might seem distant, it’s a smart move to begin evaluating your options now.

Here are the available choices:

Option 1: Upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft strongly recommends users to transition to Windows 11. This newer version boasts impressive features and provides free updates until its end of life.

Option 2: Stick with Windows 10 and Pay

Alternatively, you can choose to continue using Windows 10, but it comes at a cost. Users opting for this route will be required to pay for security updates, though without access to new features. The exact subscription cost remains unknown at this time.

Option 3: Stick with Windows 10 and Avoid Updates

While technically feasible, this option is strongly discouraged. Continuing to use Windows 10 without updates leaves your business's PCs vulnerable to threats and security issues. Without Microsoft's support for issue resolution, even experienced tech professionals may find themselves without recourse. EXPERT TIP: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION!

The deadline is set for October 2025, allowing ample time for consideration. However, for those who want to ensure their business is not affected by this change, we recommend an early transition to Windows 11. By doing so, you can promptly benefit from enhanced features that have the potential to streamline processes and simplify your team's tasks.

If you are contemplating the move to Windows 11 or exploring other alternatives, our team is ready to assist in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

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