8th February 2022

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How Supermarkets Help Us Explain Why We’re More Expensive

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Pause for a minute and think about where you shop. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl? Your choice of supermarket can indicate the type of experience that you like to have when looking for service providers. If you don’t shop at Aldi or Lidl, you’re saying that you’re happy to pay more. Your reasons why may be varied, but the bottom line is that you’re willing to give more money to another company because you prefer their product quality or range, or their service.

Our MD, Allan, is the first to say that he much prefers the Waitrose experience, where you get handed a basket on your way in and can enjoy the calm, pleasurable experience of perusing the aisles filled with a wide range of high-quality products. And he’s happy to pay a premium for that, especially as he can get everything he needs in one place. But, that said, many people love the Aldi experience – cheaper, smaller, quicker to whip round, and then there’s the thrill of having your shopping thrown at you at high speed at the checkout! While this brings Allan out in a cold sweat, it’s all part of the experience for the Aldi lover, and they don’t mind the fact that you have to visit other stores to fill the gaps in your weekly shop with produce that Aldi doesn’t sell.

What have supermarkets got to do with IT support? Well, supermarkets are a service provider like any other – and, just as it’s up to you to decide what you want from your supermarket experience, the same applies to your choice of IT support company. There are no rights or wrongs… it’s just a case of finding the right match.

So, we’re here to tell you that we’re more expensive than the IT support Aldi equivalent…

5 reasons why we’re not the cheapest

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You can get cheaper IT and cyber security support than Somerbys IT. There, we’ve said it. We’re not the cheapest option out there. But we don’t try to be. Why? Because we couldn’t provide the level of service that we want to provide if we did.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re not the cheapest...

  1. Everything you need under one IT roof – sure, you could have a range of IT service providers, just like the Aldi or Lidl shopper who needs to pop to other stores to complete their weekly shop. But that means lots of different contracts, payment agreements, renewals, reviews, etc etc etc. It may work out cheaper, but it’s a pain and a drain on your time. You have to do the research for multiple companies, then keep abreast of what each one does and regularly review them to see if you have the best deal. With Somerbys IT, we do all that for you. We manage everything, giving you one port of call for all your IT and cyber security needs.

  2. Dedicated IT support and service with a human touch – we know all of our clients on first-name terms and take the time to listen to what they need and then implement the right solutions. We regularly check in with them and are always at the end of the phone when they need us… from being worried about cyber security to more everyday IT issues like the printer not connecting properly. We go above and beyond… as Tesco puts it, ‘every little helps’.

  3. A range of products and services – IT support isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. We look at your business – it’s size, what it does, who your clients are – and then recommend the products and services that you need.

  4. We won’t sell you things you don’t need – let’s be honest here… Aldi and Lidl may be cheaper, but how many times have you been in to get groceries and come out with some random object from their central aisle? We know, the ski jacket was just such a good deal (even though you’ve no intention of hitting the slopes!), and the chainsaw was just too hard to resist! We look at what you need and provide just that… no temptation for bigger, better… or random!

  5. We keep you safe – ok, we’re not saying Aldi doesn’t keep you safe (although leaning over your trolley at the wrong moment at the checkout and taking a high-speed tin of beans to the eye could leave you with a proper shiner!). But the crux of the matter is, IT and cyber security support keeps your business running. If you’re compromising on quality or using multiple service providers (and potentially not understanding who provides what), you could be leaving vulnerabilities that cyber criminals will just love to take advantage of. Paying that little bit extra with Somerbys IT will ensure you, your business, and your clients are safe. The cost of a cyber breach is much more.

So there you have it. Yes, we’re more expensive than some. But while you’ll pay a bit more for our services, we’ll save you money in the long run in other areas. And it’s not a life-changing amount of money. Surely that’s worth it for what you gain in terms of time, security and the operation of your business?

Why not give us a call today on 0333 456 4431 and we’ll talk through some of the options that could fit your business. Or drop us an email at info@somerbysit.co.uk.