28th April 2023

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Will AI take over my job?

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The question we all want to know, is AI going to take over my job?

At Somerbys IT, we’ve been thinking! In 5 years will we all have jobs? You've heard the rumours, right? "AI is taking over the world! Say goodbye to your job!" Okay, let's take a deep breath and put things into perspective. While it's true that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are changing the game, the situation isn't as dramatic as the headlines make it out to be. So, to dispel any myths, the friendly team at Somerbys IT have produce this simple to read blog, where we chat about which jobs might be on the chopping block, which ones are safe (for now), and how you can keep up with this ever-changing world.

Jobs That Might Get the Boot

This is the scary bit, AI and automation are already replacing jobs, especially those with repetitive tasks or lots of data processing. Here are a few examples:

  • Factory and assembly line work - Robots have been taking over factory jobs for years, and AI-powered machines are speeding things up even more.
  • Data entry and analysis - AI algorithms can handle crazy amounts of data way faster and more accurately than us humans, making these jobs less and less necessary.
  • Retail and customer service - Automated kiosks, self-checkout machines, and AI-driven chatbots are popping up everywhere, meaning fewer human employees are needed in these roles.
  • Telemarketing and call centres - AI-powered voice recognition and natural language processing have led to the creation of virtual assistants that can handle loads of customer enquiries without human help.

Jobs That Are Safe (For Now :)

Don’t panic, while AI and automation may be replacing some jobs, there are still plenty of roles that need our human touch and expertise. Here are some examples of jobs that are less likely to be taken over by AI:

  • Creative roles - AI has made strides, but it's still no match for the human touch in creative fields like writing, music, and art.
  • Healthcare - AI can help with diagnostics and even perform some surgeries, but the empathy, decision-making, and human connection of healthcare professionals are still vital in the industry.
  • Education - AI can supplement learning, but human educators are needed to understand students, build relationships, and adapt to different learning styles.
  • Skilled trades - Jobs like electricians, plumbers, and joiners require hands-on skills and problem-solving abilities that machines just can't replicate.

How to Keep Up with the Future of Work

As the job market keeps on evolving, it's important to stay in the know and adapt to the changing landscape. Here are some tips on how to stay ahead:

  • Embrace lifelong learning - Keep up with industry trends and don't be afraid to learn new skills or technologies. Online courses, workshops, and industry conferences can help you stay on top of your game.
  • Develop those soft skills - As automation and AI take over routine tasks, human-centric skills like communication, empathy, problem-solving, and adaptability will be in high demand. Make sure you're always working on those essential soft skills.
  • Network like a pro - Connect with others in your industry and stay in the loop about job opportunities and new developments. Networking can open doors and help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Think about a job transition - If your job is at risk of being replaced by AI or automation, consider switching to a new field that's less likely to be affected. Research growing industries and find out what skills are needed for in-demand roles.

Adopt a growth mindset - Be open to change and embrace learning and adapting. Those who are willing to grow and adapt will have a better shot at success in the future job market.


AI and automation are definitely changing the way we work, but the reality is more complex than "AI is stealing our jobs!" While some jobs are at risk, many others still require the unique skills and expertise that only humans can provide. The key to thriving in this ever-changing landscape is to stay informed, embrace lifelong learning, develop those essential soft skills, and maintain a growth mindset.

History has shown us time and time again that technological advancements often lead to the creation of new jobs and industries, even as they disrupt existing ones. The rise of AI and automation presents us with an opportunity to adapt, grow, and evolve, both professionally and personally. So, let's keep our heads up and stay proactive – this way, we can ensure that we're well-positioned to rock the future of work, no matter how AI and automation continue to shape the job market.

If you are considering moving IT provider (assuming AI hasn’t taken over the world), we would love to chat and are happy to give free helpful friendly advice, always striving to provide the best service we can (remember AI can’t be your IT support friends, but we can ;). Please contact us and don’t forget to download our brochure, which tells you all about our services, support packages and some guidance on pricing.