16th May 2023

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Macs vs PCs – Are Macs Really More Secure?

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In the digital world, the rivalry between Mac and PC is the equivalent of choosing between cats and dogs, Coke and Pepsi, or even the Beatles and Rolling Stones. One of the biggest talking points often revolves around security: is a Mac actually more secure than a PC? At Somerbys IT, we're here to explore this heated debate.

First up, let's clarify that in this context, ‘PC’ refers to computers running the Windows operating system, while ‘Mac’ applies to those running Apple's macOS. Now, let's delve into the question at hand.

The Apple advantage

Apple has long enjoyed a reputation for creating secure systems, and it's not entirely unearned. Macs have a variety of built-in, robust security measures:

  • They operate on a Unix-based system renowned for its security features. Permissions are handled meticulously, reducing the chances of unauthorised access.
  • Apple has a relatively closed ecosystem. Apple vets every app available on its App Store, and only authorised developers can create apps for Macs, resulting in a lower chance of encountering malicious software.
  • The Gatekeeper feature on macOS blocks any software that hasn't been digitally signed and approved by Apple. And the Sandboxing feature further restricts what applications can do, preventing them from causing harm to other parts of the system.

The evolving landscape for PCs

Given their extensive market share, PCs have been the primary target for malware and viruses for a long time. However, Microsoft has been steadfast in its security game, introducing impressive improvements with each Windows release. Windows Defender, a built-in antivirus system, provides robust protection, while features like BitLocker offer strong encryption for your data.

Windows also benefits from its more significant user base when identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities. The vast number of users means more potential weak spots are identified and fixed rapidly. Plus, the larger community of third-party security solutions for Windows can sometimes offer more advanced protection than the built-in ones.

Although Macs have some inherent security advantages, it's important to remember that no system is immune to threats. The security and cyber crime landscapes have changed drastically over the past few years. As Macs gain in popularity, they are becoming increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals.

The key: user vigilance

So, are Macs really more secure than PCs? It's not a simple yes or no answer. Macs have robust built-in security, but they're not invincible. PCs have traditionally been more vulnerable, but they've made significant strides in security, and their large user base has advantages.

Ultimately, the user is the most critical factor in computer security. Whether you’re team Mac or team PC, practising good security habits – like regular updates, antivirus software, and being mindful of potential phishing scams – will always be your best defence. Remember, the goal isn't to pick the most secure system but to make whichever system you choose as secure as possible. Stay safe out there, digital pioneers!

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