25th July 2023

IT Support

One-Man Band IT Support vs Managed-Service Provider – What You Need to Consider

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Let’s be clear. One-man band IT support companies have a place in the market. They can offer great value for sole traders or small companies who are setting up. We’re not here to say one-man bands are always the wrong choice. They’re not.

But there are a few things worth considering before you decide what type of IT support is right for your business. Technology plays a critical role in the success of every business, so it’s important to get it right.

Availability when you need it most

One of the first questions to ask yourself is when you are likely to need IT support. This will depend on the nature of your business and your working hours.

A one-man band IT company may not be available 24/7, which can be a problem if you face IT issues outside regular business hours. This can lead to prolonged downtime, which can affect your business operations. Whereas a managed-service provider (MSP) will always have at least one person on standby around the clock to provide IT support whenever you need it.

Resources to help you grow

The latest hardware, software and other tools required to provide the best IT services can be a pricey affair. A bigger IT company is more likely to have more extensive range of resources, which means they can tailor services more specifically to your business. This is also really important to consider as your business grows. Your IT needs will become more complex, and you will need an IT service provider who can keep up and scale your business.

Sick days and holidays

Everyone falls ill at some point. And we all need holidays. But what happens if you have an urgent IT issue and the person responsible for your IT services is on their holibobs or shivering under a duvet? Larger IT companies have a team of professionals, so even if one of them is unavailable, there’s always someone to step in.

A range of know-how

We are not saying one-man bands don’t have expertise and experience. They can be very knowledgeable experts. But, once again, MSPs have a team of experts specialised in different areas of IT, who keep themselves updated on all the happenings in the industry. So you get a more varied and in-depth knowledge and services.

But what about the personal touch?

We get it… you like to establish a relationship with the person who looks after the engine of your business. But here at Somerbys IT, we offer a unique approach, positioning ourselves as your IT support with a human touch. Far from the impersonal support line experience, our team and customers are all on first name terms… often starting conversations about how the weekend was before diving into business. We get to know you, as well as your business, and achieve the best results as you grow.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our comprehensive, 24/7 IT support with a human touch.

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