Happy Anniversary Windows 10



Happy Anniversary Windows 10


With the first anniversary of its release to the public drawing closer, there are a few important things to know about Windows 10:

Microsoft are releasing an ‘Anniversary Update’

To coincide with the anniversary of Windows 10, Microsoft are releasing the second major update to the operating system, which will include many new features and enhancements. To find out about the upcoming changes, take a look here:


Free Upgrade Offer is ending soon

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Monthly Roundup – Tell Me About IT – April 2016



Missed it? Tell Me About IT – April 2016

Tech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Hi, how are you?

It’s feeling rather spring-like in the air as we welcome in April. We had a great first quarter of 2016 (yes we’re 25% of the way through the year already) and we’re looking forward to helping loads more people in the coming months.

Talking of April, did you fall for any April Fools? Did you pull any pranks? We hope that if you did, then you didn’t get into too much trouble… like Google did.

Google had to pull their April Fools after people failed job applications and got rather upset with the Google ‘Mic Drop’ April Fool which sent a Minion gif attached to every email… without their knowledge! Too far?

Aside from fools we had some interesting work to do too.

As always we found some great tips, advice and hacks for your IT world. Let’s share them, shall we?

Here’s The Best Of The News To Keep You Up-to-date With IT

Was George Orwell Right?

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The Tiny Desktop From Dell


After dragging five and a half years out of my desktop (yes it can be done) my Windows 7 desktop was not only slow but it was causing me productivity issues. It was time for something new!

It’s a decision you can’t take lightly, upgrading your PC, so it caused me many sleepless lunchtimes working out where I’d go next.

We’ve been working with Windows 10 at Somerbys IT since its launch and many of our clients seem to like it. The team here are very complimentary of it too. That was enough evidence for me to make the move from Windows 7 to 10 and the first part of the hard decision was made.

It was time to get a new PC and run with it.

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Monthly Round Up – Tell Me About IT – February 2016


Tell Me About IT

Tech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Hi, how are you?

Welcome to another edition of Tell Me About IT! It’s been great to have all your comments and replies to our email over the last few months.
We’re really pleased that we’re able to share the lighter side of IT life with you and give you some helpful tips and advice.
We’ve found some more great tips this month but before that, some news from the team…

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New Pricing Announced – Antivirus solutions NOW from only £2 per user

When your computer is connected to the internet it is vulnerable to viruses – are you and your business protected?

We understand how important it is to make sure you stay safe whilst on line. If you are looking for the best protection and the best performance, then speak to the team at Somerbys IT for advice. We will help protect your workforce and company data with solutions that do not compromise internet security. Whether it be protection for your desktop web browsing sessions, or for your multiple devices, we work with leading anti-virus protection providers to offer you the best solution for your business.

Join other computer users who trust our recommended antivirus software to keep their PCs, data, and identities safe from attack. Our solutions provide the state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats.

Somerbys IT have Anti-Virus solutions from only £2.00 per user per month

If you would like to find out more then get in touch:
CALL 0333 456 4431
TWEET @SomerbysIT
Or EMAIL info@somerbysit.co.uk

Monthly Roundup – Tell Me About IT – December 2015

website_apple_devicesTell Me About IT

Tech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Hi, how are you?

We’re finally here… the end of 2015!
How has your year been? We’ve seen so much change in the tech and IT world.

At Somerbys IT we’ve had a marriage proposal (she said yes!) and we’re eagerly awaiting the birth of two babies too. The tech world gave us Windows 10, the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus, and of course the Apple Watch finally shipped but we weren’t as impressed with that as we were with the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

What was your favourite tech addition to 2015?
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Monthly Roundup – Tell Me About IT – November 2015

website_apple_devicesTech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Hello and welcome to the November edition of Tell Me About IT the monthly news roundup from the world of technology and IT.

The nights are drawing in and the office is dark when we leave. It’s that time of year when we all look back at the summer and it seems a long time ago!

Of course the tech world never sleeps and the dark nights make no difference to the amazing speed everything changes.

Still, it’s not all bad… we got to have our pumpkin carving competition in the office so dark nights are well and truly needed for that. Take your pick of the best here.

Here’s what else has been happening in our world…
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Four Top Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Disasters


Four Top Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Disasters

The rise of the internet and the constant improvements in technology have enabled everybody from business people to students to have 24/7 access to information, applications and software that can make work and play as simple and exciting as they’d like it to be.

Unfortunately, with these advancements there are the added risk of hacking from clever and ruthless people who want access to your private information and data for their own gain. It may sound a little terrifying – and not unlike a Hollywood conspiracy thriller – but there are ways that you can protect yourself from these unsavoury types.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at four top tips to keep you safe from online disasters:
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Tech Roundup – Tell Me About IT – October 2015

Tech News And Thoughts From The Somerbys IT Team

Welcome to the second edition of ‘Tell Me About IT’ 

Last month we launched this brand new email which aims to help you navigate the techie world whilst learning a few things along the way.

We work on this stuff all day long and we find some really interesting hacks, articles and workarounds that are perfect for everyday life… so we thought we’d better share them with you…
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Windows 10 Devices Launch Event Throws down the Gauntlet to Apple and co.


Windows 10 Devices Launch Event Throws down the Gauntlet to Apple and co.

Microsoft have been playing second fiddle to their main rivals Apple for a while now, but following their Windows 10 Devices Event on the 6th October, Microsoft have well and truly come back fighting, and have thrown down the gauntlet to their competitors in a manner that screams “What ya got?”

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