22nd August 2023

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The Importance of Data Back Up in Platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks

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In our last blog, we explored the concept of shared responsibility when it comes to Microsoft - if you missed it, you can catch up here: Are you taking shared responsibility for your data? Continuing the discussion, we explore who has the responsibility of backing up data in the cloud with applications such as Xero and QuickBooks, which is essential for business owners who use such platforms, as well as for accountants.

Xero and QuickBooks do their utmost to keep clients’ data safe and secure, by utilising several protective mechanisms. But their focus lies in the maintenance and optimisation of their systems - which leaves the customer to manage the protection of the data stored in the cloud. Their Services Agreement specifically states that “You must maintain copies of all data inputted into the service. Xero expressly excludes liability for any data loss no matter how caused.”

Which begs the question: why is a third-party backup needed? Many wrongly believe that since these applications are cloud-based, the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) will take care of their backup. However, that’s not the case - these solutions prioritise the functioning of the platform over the security of the data, and so companies must make sure their information is safe and accessible.

Backups guard against accidental data loss due to human error, as well as any attempts at data sabotage, virus attacks, malware, or ransomware. Plus, third-party backup solutions often come with more advanced features than the platform’s own, making them even more efficient.

Furthermore, third-party backups provide regulatory compliance for companies that work in the banking or healthcare sectors. Retaining records for the specified period of time is essential, and recovering any deleted data that may be requested during an audit is crucial. Third-party tools make data recovery faster, simpler, and more complete, giving you the control.

Another advantage is that these solutions protect you from ransomware attacks - an ever-growing concern. In the event of an attack, these tools enable you to quickly restore your systems, all without having to pay a single penny to the criminals. Finally, you can combine your backups into a single platform, making them easier to manage and reducing the need for additional licensing fees.

In conclusion, if you’re using cloud-based applications like Xero or QuickBooks, it’s important to also utilise a third-party backup solution to keep your data secure and accessible. With a variety of benefits ranging from enhanced security and regulatory compliance to cost savings, third-party backup solutions provide invaluable support for businesses of all sizes.

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