2nd February 2023

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What's all the fuss about ChatGPT?

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What's All the Fuss About ChatGPT ?

In this article I wanted to tell you all about a new technology known as ChatGPT produced by OpenAI, so here goes...

...ChatGPT, also known as the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a language model developed by OpenAI that is taking the world of natural language processing by storm. This cutting-edge technology is able to understand and generate human-like text, making it an incredibly powerful tool for a wide range of applications.

But what exactly is ChatGPT and how does it work? Essentially, ChatGPT is a machine learning model that has been trained on a massive amount of text data. By analyzing this data, it has learned the patterns and structures of human language, allowing it to understand and generate text that is very similar to what a human would write.

One of the most exciting things about ChatGPT is its ability to generate text that is not only grammatically correct, but also coherent and engaging. This means that it can be used to write anything from articles and stories to email responses and social media posts. In fact, it has been used to write news articles, poetry, and even scripts for short films.

But ChatGPT's capabilities don't stop there. It can also be used for tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and even question answering. It's a powerful tool that can help businesses automate their customer service and support, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of their operations.

One of the most interesting things about ChatGPT is its ability to continue a conversation in a way that feels natural. If you ask it a question, it will not only give you an answer, but also a follow-up question. This makes it an ideal tool for chatbots and virtual assistants, which are becoming increasingly popular in the business world.

Despite all its capabilities, ChatGPT is not without its limitations. One of the main challenges is making sure that the generated text is accurate and unbiased. This is especially important when it comes to sensitive topics such as politics or finance.

Now, what you may not have realised is that the entire article above was actually written by ChatGPT; simply by asking it this?

"Write a 500 word article on ChatGPT."

Now lets consider changing the request slightly and ask the following:

"Please write me a 500 word chatgpt article that is fun and easy for kids to understand?", the response I got was this...

"...ChatGPT is a really cool technology that is changing the way we use computers! It's like a super smart robot that can understand and talk like a human.

You know how sometimes you talk to your computer and it doesn't really understand what you're saying? ChatGPT changes that. It can understand your questions and give you answers just like a person would. It's like having a really smart friend that can help you with your homework or tell you a joke!

ChatGPT is like a big brain that was trained on a lot of information. It's kind of like when you go to school and learn new things every day. ChatGPT learned a lot about language and how people talk to each other, so it can understand and talk like a person.

One of the cool things about ChatGPT is that it can also write stories and articles. Imagine having a robot that can write a story for you, just like your favorite author! It can also write poetry and even scripts for short films.

Another interesting thing about ChatGPT is that it can also translate languages. Imagine being able to talk to someone in a different country, even if you don't speak the same language! It can also summarize text, so you can get the most important information from a big article without reading the whole thing.

ChatGPT is also being used to create chatbots and virtual assistants, which are like personal robots that can help you with things like ordering food or finding a good movie to watch. It's like having your own personal helper, right on your computer or phone!

But ChatGPT is not without its limitations. It's important to make sure that the information it gives is accurate and fair. It's just like when you're learning new things, it's important to make sure you have the right information so you can make good decisions.

All in all, ChatGPT is an exciting technology that is making computers more like people and helping us to do more things than ever before. It's like having a super smart friend that can help you with anything you need, from writing stories to talking to people all over the world. So the next time you talk to your computer, remember that ChatGPT is listening and ready to help!"

As I said, these two articles were both written by Open AI ChatGPT and as you can see, the response and tone of language were quite different.

This technology is already attracting the attention of the likes of Google and Microsoft and is just a small glimpse of what Artificial Intelligence AI can do for us in the future.

Written by Allan Page and ChatGPT.