The Tiny Desktop From Dell


After dragging five and a half years out of my desktop (yes it can be done) my Windows 7 desktop was not only slow but it was causing me productivity issues. It was time for something new!

It’s a decision you can’t take lightly, upgrading your PC, so it caused me many sleepless lunchtimes working out where I’d go next.

We’ve been working with Windows 10 at Somerbys IT since its launch and many of our clients seem to like it. The team here are very complimentary of it too. That was enough evidence for me to make the move from Windows 7 to 10 and the first part of the hard decision was made.

It was time to get a new PC and run with it.

But then came the big question:

“Do I get a laptop, or do I get a desktop?”

It’s a common dilemma for many business and home computer owners. In the era of the death of desktop you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s an easy decision. So many offices are no longer tied to a building that the laptop has seen a huge rise in popularity… But my office is mostly stationary.

I wasn’t completely sure but eventually I opted for a desktop… but I didn’t get just an ordinary desktop! I went with a nice little Dell number in a tiny case. The Micro Form Factor from Dell is a new compact machine. A compromise between laptop and desktop, you might say.

I have to say, this tiny little desktop from Dell is a dream. It has a great spec, great performance and with Windows 10, the whole experience is so much better than I was getting before. (Not that beating a 78-month-old machine was hard, but hey!)

The tiny Dell packs in the same high specification that can be found on a traditional machine but without encroaching on too much desk space (and you don’t feel like sticking it on the floor either!).

Granted, a machine of this size doesn’t have the space for fitting lots of added sound and graphic cards and it doesn’t come with a CD/DVD drive either. But in reality, most of us never need that extra stuff anyway.

So next time you’re in the market for a new PC for the office, ask us about the Micro Form Factor Models from Dell – you won’t be disappointed.

Some existing clients have been rather excited to get their hands on one of these smaller PCs and I’m rather pleased with mine.