It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Windows 7

All good things come to an end. While Windows 7 has been a favourite among many companies for almost a decade now, the operating system is coming to the end of its life in January 2020 — just three months from now. Many people will be sad to see it go, but here at Somerbys IT, we want to help you make the right decision for the next steps for your company.

What happens after January?

Computers and systems won’t stop working, but Microsoft will stop providing:
● Technical support for any issues
● Software updates
● Security updates or fixes

What does that mean for your company?

The BIG point here is that without security and software updates, your system will become significantly more vulnerable, meaning you’re at higher risk of viruses and cyberattacks — and the disruption they can cause. Reports show that over 70% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and up to 60% of these go out of business in the six months that follow.
Within three or four months, it’s highly probable that the apps and systems you use will be out of date and some will become unusable. It’s exactly the same as what happens when you have an old mobile phone that’s no longer supported. But this is your business and your livelihood — and Somerbys IT wants to protect you.

What we recommend

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Cisco Umbrella – What an Extra Layer of Online Security Could Mean to Your Business

As a business owner or even just an internet user, you’re more than aware of the threat of cybercrime. It’s no longer just the obvious scams from our Nigerian friends or fake calls from people pretending to be your bank.

Now, online where we spend more and more time, you’re up against an army of cyber criminals, keen to lock you out of your website, take it down and charge you to get it back.

From phishing to malware and targeted attacks, you have to have eyes on everything and more. Is it any wonder we’re hearing about more and more attacks in the news?

Earlier this year, Yahoo had 3 billion accounts compromised while Equifax reported that they may well have had over 44 million people’s personal details stolen in a recent data attack.

It puts that dodgy PDF attachment into perspective, doesn’t it?

But small businesses are very much under fire, and away from the banks and Scotland Yard those cyber nasties are after your machine to hold you ransom or steal enough details to make some money from your identity.

We all know we need security for our internet and our devices, and for years we’ve been helping our customers with security packages.

But like the online viruses, we need to evolve and get more intelligent.
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Find UK Hotspots with Facebook

Facebook have finally rolled out their ‘Find WiFi’ tool to all users recently. The tool, which has been in testing for a while, uses your mobile’s location services to find local WiFi spots and helps you to save on data charges (and presumably spend more time on Facebook).

The new feature is also a very clever move by Facebook as they’ll be collecting the data from all the users, something Facebook are very good at doing. Want to find out more – click here

The New Sonos ONE

There was much excitement in the office this week as SONOS released a brand-new speaker with a difference. Many of our team have SONOS speakers set up around their home and we also have one in the office, too!

But this new addition from SONOS has a special relationship with Amazon, and more importantly Alexa

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Ultra-fast broadband fund launched by UK government

Some good news was announced this month, as the government pledged to spend £400M to boost the UK networking and get it ‘up-to-speed’ with other parts of Europe. In Spain, full fibre is now available in 80% of homes, whereas here in the UK it’s closer to 2%. In some spots speeds are a mere 2Mbps, leaving the home or business owners unable to stream video at all.

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GDPR – What is IT?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a hot topic right now. Even if you’re a small business, it affects you. Much like the new pension regulations or Making Tax Digital, there’s quite a bit of fear and miscommunication out there.

So, here’s a really simple way to look at it:

– only collect information that you need for a specific purpose

– keep it secure

– ensure it is relevant and up to date

– only hold as much as you need, and for as long as you need it

– and allow the subject of information to see it on request

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Cyber Security: How to Protect Yourself from Malware, Ransomware, Phishing etc

Advice on protection from Viruses, Malware, Ransomware and Phishing

More and more, ransomware has emerged as a major threat to individuals and businesses alike. Ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts data on infected systems, has become a lucrative option for cyber criminals.

In the past, many smaller businesses downplayed the possibility of security threats because they believed they were too small for hackers to target. However, most businesses have become more self-aware in recent years, realising that being under-protected, and under-funded, has made them attractive targets for cyber criminals.

The best practice is to employ multiple layers of protection.  Nothing guarantees 100% security and rarely will a single layer stop the threat in its tracks. Malware is multi-faceted and changing by the minute, however, and multiple strategies significantly increase your chances of staying safe.

See below for some essential layers of defence from current cyber security threats.  Realistically, each aspect needs to be in place to avoid leaving an “open door” for attackers.

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Don’t get caught like the NHS…Tech News – May 2017



Hi, how are you? Things have been very interesting since we last spoke, with a huge cyber attack, shock election news and a rather busy month in the Somerbys IT office. How about you? Our team have been busy smashing targets on their training, too. Apprentice Lewis Pole passed a Microsoft Server Essentials exam and Ben Brotherhood (a former apprentice) passed his first of two Microsoft Office 365 exams. This only goes to add to our commitment to staff development and also understanding today’s relevant tech. Well done, both. We need your help (in exchange for chocolate!)

If you had an issue with your tech or IT (and you could still get online) what would you Google? How would you search online for help with your IT challenges? What would you type?

Could you possibly tell us by dropping us an email with your answer? We’d be very grateful to you. In fact… we’d send you chocolate from Hotel Chocolat! We’ll put everyone in a prize draw and a random winner will be sent treats. We guarantee you this is the only time you’ll share your internet habits in exchange for chocolate… maybe. Please send emails to

Here’s The Best Of The News To Keep You Up-to-date With IT

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The Spring Budget 2017


The Spring Budget 2017

The Chancellor Philip Hammond presented the last
Spring Budget on Wednesday 8 March 2017

In his speech the Chancellor was keen to point out that he wanted the tax
system to be fair, particularly in relation to the distinction between employed and
self-employed individuals.

Our sister company Somerbys Limited, a long established local accountancy firm have produced two publications which we have made available here for download should you be interested:

Spring Budget 2017

Tax Rates for 2017-18

If you are looking for a great firm of accountants and would like any advice on the above, please take a look at their website to find our how they may be able to help you.

Allan Page
Somerbys IT

Client Satisfaction Exceeds 96%, Checkout the Amazing Feedback!




Back in October last year we introduced a new client feedback system, specifically designed to make it quick and easy for our clients to let us know what they really thought about the service being received. We’ve actually been doing client surveys for years as part of our support ticket process, however we only tended to analyse the results every few months and when we did, we found that we were only getting about a 10% response rate. We’ve always been committed to delivering excellent levels of customer service and support and the new client satisfaction feedback system promised to do just that. Ever since introducing the new CSAT solution from SmileBack which uses a simple system of green, yellow or red coloured faces to indicate the level of satisfaction, we have seen survey responses increase to a massive 42% response rate; this gives us a far greater understanding of how well we are performing. What’s great too is that the system is very interactive and we now have a “live feed” on a large screen monitor in our offices, whereby the team and individual staff members can see instant feedback on their client satisfaction performance. This is just one of the steps we’ve taken to ensure we not only continue to deliver excellent service but also to strive to be better still. See some of our amazing client satisfaction comments below:

“We use Somerbys IT as our support partners. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Responsive and excellent value for money”

“Thank you Duncan and co for getting us back up to speed so quickly and efficiently”

“Re arranged the time to suit us (the client) and completed the work quickly and efficiently, keeping all people informed of the progress”

“As usual reaction 100% and issue solved, thank you Kevin”

“I need something sorting quickly and it was sorted quickly. My colleague was able to get on with what she needed to. Brilliant!”

“Again the error was dealt with, without delay. Thanks Ben”

“Efficient response. Billy handled my call straight away and resolved the issue immediately, allowing me to continue with my work.”

“Lewis acted promptly and very efficiently helping me get on with my work. Great stuff. Keep up the great work : )”

“Amazing help every step of the way. Billy was super friendly. We got both email accounts on my phone in no time. 2 thumbs up”